7 Important Facts You Should Check Before Choosing Your Rubber Part Supplier !!

Choosing a parts manufacturer for your business can be a difficult process. Much like hiring an employee, selecting the right candidate to provide your company with high-quality parts is an investment that requires you to consider many factors. Enlisting the aid of a reliable parts manufacturer is a wise decision that could benefit your business, however, there are other considerations to be made before you commit to a particular supplier. Selecting a parts manufacturer is an important step in building the foundation for your long-term success. Finding the right supplier that can sufficiently meet your specific needs begins by first understanding how these companies can benefit you most. We’ve gathered the following facts that will help you identify the qualities of the ideal parts manufacturer.

1) Find A Supplier That Offers High Quality Product At Best Price With Effective Service- 

Your supplier should not compromise with quality as it serves the critical function of your product. To ensure quality of the Products manufactured & supplied your supplier should have a well defined quality monitoring system. Parts manufactured should be of high quality and comply with International standards & should be supplied to you at best price with on time delivery.

2) Should Have Enriched Experience In The Rubber Industry- 

Experience makes the difference. With maximum years of experience your supplier should hold a place amongst the top players in the Indian Rubber Industry. A rubber Part manufacturer should have the experience of serving the rubber parts across a wide range of industries like Automotive, Electrical, Fluid Power, Home Appliances, Plumbing & Sanitary.

3) Should Offer Wide Product Range-

Your supplier should be capable of manufacturing 100% quality parts in a wide range such as in numerous materials, color, shapes & sizes by using different moulding techniques as per yours requirement. With Intensive research and regular development it should ensure upgraded quality as per current industry standards. The ideal supplier should work with it’s customers closely and offer them a wide range of products in advance to meet their challenges & demands on time.

4) Should Have Quality Management Systems (QMS)-

Your supplier should be an ISO 9001:2018 and IATF 16949 certified company. To ensure quality of the Products manufactured & supplied it should emphasize on development of a process oriented quality management system that provides continual improvement, defect prevention & waste reduction while manufacturing high quality rubber components that comply with international standards.

5) Should Have Well Defined & Customer Focused Work Flows & Processes-

It should believe in a predefined workflow process that has a significant impact on the organization’s efficiency, productivity & customer experience. Pre defined processes enable us to constantly step towards innovation & next level performance to continually meet the ever increasing buyer standards.

6) Should Have High Precision Testing Equipment To Ensure Absolute Quality-

A Supplier should ensure that their products are developed from the latest technology for best product finish therefore it should have all the modern facilities, state of the art equipment & world class manufacturing facilities at its plant, which should have sophisticated technology to produce 100% quality parts. It’s in-house tooling facilities should include mould designing & mould development software along with High speed CNC & VMC machines. For more accurate inspection and speed, the latest Automated Online Inspection System should be installed to avoid manual inspection errors & to ensure absolute quality.

7) Should Offer Customized & Standard Products To Suit Your Applications-

Your product is unique and requires unique rubber parts to fit well. Hence your supplier should be specialized in offering customized products as per the drawing, sample and application. It should have a dedicated development & tooling department to develop the exact products as per your concept and fitment. As the right fitment will enhance product performance and ensure 100% leak proof solution.

Kesaria is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Rubber, TPE & PTFE components with enriched experience of more than 30 years & is specialized in providing absolutely flashless rubber parts with high accuracy as per international standards. We have a complete in-house facility with an amazing production capacity of more than 2.5 million parts per day to fulfill our customer’s requirements on time so that they can achieve their business goals. We ensure absolute quality, safety & durability of our products & have always met the ever growing demands of our customers as per changing technologies & market trends to exceed global standards.


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