Rubber Bellows is an expandable / collapsible component to protect foreign particles. The bellow material should well suited with outside (exposed to Atmosphere & ozone resistance) & inside conditions (Oil, grease & lubricants).The rubber bellows are a very important component of automobiles, especially steering system of cars. Designed to keep dirt and debris out of the steering rack, rubber bellow is a cylindrical vessel that comes in a large variety of sizes, shapes, construction and elastomer coated fabrics/ rubbers to suit diverse application requirements of vehicles.

Due to different annular convolutions, bellows are easily extensible & compressible and are appreciated for providing excellent cushioning effect. Depending upon the end use requirement rubber bellows are manufactured using various synthetic polymers such as SBR ,Neoprene, NBR, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPM, EPDM),etc.

Material Selection Guide

HARDNESS RANGE ( SHORE A)40-9035-9040-9040-8040-9040-9040-8040-8030-8050-90
HIGH TEMP◦C100120130130150150180150230225
LOW TEMP◦C-50-55-45-40-50-45-25-40-60-15

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E= EXCELLENT;  G= GOOD;  F= Fair; P= Poor; A=Available, NA= Not Available

This guide is intended for general  reference Only. The materials listed are the most commonly used. There are numerous compound variations  designed  for  specific  applications  for  which  please  forward  details  to our  engineers  for  recommendation.

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