Silicon Masks & Pads

Silicon Masks & Pads

Silicone masks are made from silicone rubber, which is durable, flexible, and lends itself to sculpting. Silicone Masks material is resistant to high or low temperature and durable. There are different mask designs available. The new silicone masks have a flexible, soft, and transparent mask body. The transparent mask body allows for continuous visual observation of the patient´s condition. Additional mask accessories provide more comfort.
Kesaria Rubber also manufacture custom moulds silicone pads as per customer design to fit best in the application.

Material Selection Guide

HARDNESS RANGE ( SHORE A)40-9035-9040-9040-8040-9040-9040-8040-8030-8050-90
HIGH TEMP◦C100120130130150150180150230225
LOW TEMP◦C-50-55-45-40-50-45-25-40-60-15

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E= EXCELLENT;  G= GOOD;  F= Fair; P= Poor; A=Available, NA= Not Available

This guide is intended for general  reference Only. The materials listed are the most commonly used. There are numerous compound variations  designed  for  specific  applications  for  which  please  forward  details  to our  engineers  for  recommendation.

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