Suction Hoses

Suction Hoses

Rubber Suction hose is a flexible hollow tube to carry liquid from one location to other depending on application. Rubber Hose design is usually the combination of application and performance. Rubber suction hose has wide application ranging from irrigation, construction, home appliances, various industrial application etc.
Kesaria Rubber suppliers suitable customizes flexible hoses as per application and use. Available in material : EPDM, NBR

Material Selection Guide

HARDNESS RANGE ( SHORE A)40-9035-9040-9040-8040-9040-9040-8040-8030-8050-90
HIGH TEMP◦C100120130130150150180150230225
LOW TEMP◦C-50-55-45-40-50-45-25-40-60-15

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E= EXCELLENT;  G= GOOD;  F= Fair; P= Poor; A=Available, NA= Not Available

This guide is intended for general  reference Only. The materials listed are the most commonly used. There are numerous compound variations  designed  for  specific  applications  for  which  please  forward  details  to our  engineers  for  recommendation.

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