Rubber Material
  Rubber is probably one of humanity’s greatest inventions, it is a very useful & malleable material but chances are something made of rubber has let you down at some point in your life. Like most  elastomers rubber will also undergo significant changes over time when exposed to heat, light and ozone. These changes can
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  Industrial Rubber Seals are designed to prevent leakage, while helping to combine systems or mechanisms together. While seals created for ambient and low temperatures are not extremely difficult, creating seals for high temperature applications is a challenge. This is because standard sealing materials cannot perform well in such conditions for long periods of time.
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When it comes to predicting the durability or performance of a given material for use in a specific application, it’s crucial to evaluate chemical and physical properties as well as environmental compliance and quality control. At Kesaria we understand the real-world service-life and environmental challenges polymer materials face. Our experts can help you predict, manage
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