Custom Moulded Parts

Custom Moulded Parts

With growth of industries in various sectors has created huge demand in custom moulded rubber parts. Kesaria Rubber offers complete solution under one roof toward custom moulded part. It has In-house manufacturing facilities for developing custom molded rubber parts for wide range of applications across many industries. Our skilled team will closely assist with you from product concept, to prototype and design development including rubber compound selection, test report till final product. On the basis of application, It offers innovative service like design, origination, manufacturing and distribution to help steer clients from concept to launch

Custom moulded parts are consumed in various industries such as Automobile, Construction, Plumbing, Home Appliances, Oil & Gas, Material Handling equipment etc. Material: VITON, SILICON, EPDM, TPR, NBR, NEOPRENE, PTFE, PU, SBR & NATURAL. The hardness rating on a Shore A scale for Custom Moulded Rubber Parts can be 30 ~ 95 Durometer.

Material Selection Guide

HARDNESS RANGE ( SHORE A)40-9035-9040-9040-8040-9040-9040-8040-8030-8050-90
HIGH TEMP◦C100120130130150150180150230225
LOW TEMP◦C-50-55-45-40-50-45-25-40-60-15

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E= EXCELLENT;  G= GOOD;  F= Fair; P= Poor; A=Available, NA= Not Available

This guide is intended for general  reference Only. The materials listed are the most commonly used. There are numerous compound variations  designed  for  specific  applications  for  which  please  forward  details  to our  engineers  for  recommendation.

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