Rubber diaphragms are flexible seals that prevent unwanted transmission of substances between two places. These substances can be liquids, gases or solutions. The flexible nature of this diaphragm allows pressure effects to cross the barrier but not the material being contained. Diaphragms are also used to protect a process fluid from the pressure sensor. They are characteristically tough & dynamic and essential in many flow control applications. Diaphragms can be manufactured to suit a wide variety of applications, which can be found in all sections of Industry.

Diaphragm has wide applications include Electrical & Pneumatic Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, High Pressure Pump, Gas Regulators, and Pressure Relief Valve etc. Diaphragm Materials range are NBR, SILICON, EPDM, NEOPRENE however Exact material specifications should be clarified by our engineers, as chemical and physical properties of grommets can differ based on manufacturing technique & application.

Material Selection Guide

HARDNESS RANGE ( SHORE A)40-9035-9040-9040-8040-9040-9040-8040-8030-8050-90
HIGH TEMP◦C100120130130150150180150230225
LOW TEMP◦C-50-55-45-40-50-45-25-40-60-15

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E= EXCELLENT;  G= GOOD;  F= Fair; P= Poor; A=Available, NA= Not Available

This guide is intended for general  reference Only. The materials listed are the most commonly used. There are numerous compound variations  designed  for  specific  applications  for  which  please  forward  details  to our  engineers  for  recommendation.

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